Jewelry that inspires.
Simpli Stamped was created from love in 2011. I wanted to create something beautiful for the new baby of a friend of mine. This child would be loved like no other and I wanted to make something that would reflect that love. Every piece has been created to remind each of us that we are truly loved in life. 
My shop is about more than just beautiful jewelry. I have been blessed with a talent and I am so excited to share that with several charities. Check out my charity jewelry section to see some pieces that I have collaborated with specific charities to donate 50% to them. It's a wonderful privilege to be able to give back.
I take great pride in the jewelry I make for you, I only send out pieces that I would wear myself and I work very hard to make sure each piece made is of exceptional quality. You will love the Simpli Stamped items that you receive.
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