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2015 in a word

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Every year I start off with a theme. It's usually right on. Last year was change and boy did my life every change. I finally left a job I had been unhappy with for years, and I chose to stay home with my children and purse my jewelry full force. This completely upended my family and life in awesome and amazing ways. Our whole dynamic changed, our focus as a family came into view and we were able to really look at the things we wanted to change and do life differently than the last few years. It was AWESOME.

Now on to 2015... how do you follow that up? Well here it is mid February and I finally accepted my theme. It's been in my head for a while, but I couldn't quite make it concrete. I'm not sure why, but I see it happening. So with or without my head, my theme has taken off on it's own. 

My theme for this year is Thrive. (this song sums it up!)

thrive video

I'm going to make the most of all these changes from last year. I'm pretty sure my dishes still won't be clean, and I'll be stepping over legos for the rest of my life, but I'm going to really go for it. So far this year I've attempted knitting, which I always wanted to do and I even made a souffle. I didn't burn down the kitchen either.

Isn't it perfection? I was utterly shocked and awed.

A major part of thriving this year is to make my jewelry seen. I love the pieces I make and I know that others will love them so I'm going for it! You're going to see so much more beauty and you're going see blog giveaways and maybe (hint hint) some television shows and celebrities. So keep an eye out.


What does 2015 look to you?

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