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Rings Rings and more Rings!

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I now have 3 styles of rings available. 3! That's right and they're all so pretty. Each of the rings can be hand stamped to personalize the ring to your preference. There are a few differences in what i can stamp on each ring below, b/c of the different widths of the rings.

First you have my current 3mm wide sterling silver ring.

This is a great ring if you'd like to have more than just letters and numbers, I have a few design stamps that will work with this. For example, I have a heart, start etc. I am always open to custom work so feel free to ask if I have a design that you would like but don't see in my shop.


A new matte skinny sterling silver ring.

This ring is super super adorable. You can wear just one, or you can stack a few of them and create any look you'd like. Due to the skinny size this ring can only accommodate numbers and letters.


And a new skinny brass ring.

This ring is just a slight bit skinnier than the silver one and a square wire instead of rounded, but comes in a pretty brass. this polishes up beautifully.

personalized skinny brass ring

So, which ring would you chose? I think they're all pretty awesome, but that's just me and I'm biased.

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