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Ultimate Blog Party


Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Late to the party as usual... well that's me. If you give me 5 minutes to be ready and then wait 3 more minutes, I'll fill that time with anything else that I need to do that day. It's just how I'm made. But thankfully being late can be fashionable, or so I have heard. In this case fashionable means pretty little prizes. Lots of pretty little prizes. I'm joining up with the Ultimate Blog Party which means you get a chance to win something wonderful. Including a $60 gift certificate to my shop.

If you're hopping along through the party posts, let me introduce myself! I'm a jewelry designer and owner of Simpli Stamped. I create love inspired jewelry to help us all know that we are truly loved in life. It's a passion I am called to enjoy immensely. I haven't always known what I was called to, but this has soothed my soul. I take such joy in each new creation and try to infuse that in all of my pieces. 

Some of my favorite items come from the love of family.

The family tree branch necklace was designed for a friend's mom. She wanted a necklace that was organic, beautiful, could hold all of her grandchildren and be able to be added to with more grand babies that might come along. It's a good thing too, b/c she's just added 2 more leaves.

This is a sterling silver tree branch with personalized stamped fine silver leaves. 

family tree branch personalized stamped necklace

I have been blessed with a gift that not everyone has and I want to use that gift to make a difference in the world. One of the main goals of my shop is to be able to use this gift and give back. I have two pieces in my shop that give to charities that are dear to my heart. 

drop of hope living water charity necklace

drop of love blood:water mission charity necklace
drop of hope necklace drop of love necklace

The  drop of hope necklace was inspired by the song One Drop from Plumb. It's a fantastic song and reminds you of the power that hope has in our lives. This necklace was designed to give back to Living Water International, bringing clean water to those that need it. The drop of love necklace is for a charity that Plumb and some other artists work with, Blood:Water Mission, bringing clean water to people with the goal of trying to reduce the number of HIV/AIDS infections.

Please feel free to look around my shop and let me know what you think. I would love to get a chance to get to know you.

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